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Small Company. Big Plans.

Let’s face it, some Canadians have an acrimonious relationship with cell phone providers.

Many of us are concerned about rates, others have coverage issues. But the really big thing, the one that almost all of us are worried about is customer service.

Tiny Mobile addresses these concerns by being something different.

We are a classic small business that values patronage. We have a Canadian call center that is staffed by people you can relate to. We use robust rate plans that are connected to an uncomplicated billing system which is designed to limit surprises.

How can we do this? Tiny Mobile is a registered reseller of telecommunication products in Canada.

We are licensed by the CRTC to buy plans from the big companies, then we sell them to people like you. Since we can do that you get all the things we promised then in return we get to carve out a niche a land of corporate giants.

What do you get:
Primary Network 5G Coverage
Robust Plans With Everything You Need
No Contracts
No More Waiting On Hold
Friendly Customer Service
Tiny Bills

What do we get: A happy customer.

You’ve tried the big company, that is why you are here. Since you are ready for something different it's time to go Tiny.

Our Team

Cheryl Gardner

Cheryl Gardner

Operations & Administration

Cheryl is super punctual, organized and creative! No problem is too hard for her to solve or challenge too intimidating to take on! Her favorite ice cream is Heavenly Hash and she is really good at head stands!


Reno Jeromiah


Reno is the friendliest and most positive member of the team. He is also a hard worker and does everything possible to make all customers and potential customers happy. He is also working on becoming super jacked!


Scott Inglis


Have a question? A request? Scott will take care of it! He is a support wiz that always puts customers first!


Igor Muratov


Joe is super creative, he is ! No problem is too hard for him to automate away... well almost! He is great with ads and loves technology. He is passionate about traveling and has godlike fooseball skills.

Tara Hogan

Provisioning & Fulfilment

Tara is responsible for all things inventory and order fulfillment. You can also find her in customer service where she is often helping customers with their product shipment. Tara is super punctual, very honest and has a keen eye for detail!