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How To Activate Your SIM

Step 1: Schedule Your Activation In
Activations are closed on weekends. Any bookings will be rescheduled to the next available day.
If you haven't already, please schedule your activation by pressing the button below!
Schedule My SIM Activation
Step 2: Activation will begin on the scheduled day & may take from 1 to 5 hours.
Our activation agent will use the information you provided to activate your SIM card. Once the activation is in progress, you will receive instructions on your current number. If any issues arise we will call you. If you need to get in touch with our activations department directly, please text the following number with your inquiry: +1 647-492-3713
Step 3: Once your activation is complete. You will receive a notification. You can then put your new SIM card in and restart your phone.
If everything worked well, everything should be working right away. If something is not working, please call/text our activations department ( +1 647-492-3713). We will follow up on our end as well.